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Friday, January 13, 2012

Two of this week's paintings....

My goal is to be more consistent in producing paintings. I hope to complete 5 small paintings per week. This week, I did work on five separate paintings...Detroit Spirit, Grosse Pointe Tennis Ball, Pear and Cherry, Pear and 2 Cherries, along with a very ambitious painting that is 6 by 4 feet. Here's two of the smaller paintings I finished...waiting to dry to varnish at a later time...

Thought for the day:  I find it much better if I work on several paintings at once. Sometimes I get to painting and don't stop on a piece even when I'm not making progress. I end up noodling it, overworking it and becoming very frustrated. What's nice about working on several paintings at once is that it's easier to stop slapping paint around unproductively if you have another to play around with.  Later you can go back to that troublesome piece and have a fresh prospective.

Grosse Pointe Tennis Ball, 5 x 5

Pear and Cherry, 4 x 6

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